Innovative and innovative applications that do not harm the natural hair, either for lengthening or thickening the hair.

Extensions are a service that has been widely used in our country for many years. It has been preferred for lengthening or for thickening the hair. Blessing Hair hairdresser with the innovative and innovative applications it uses has been established in this field and has been a first choice for years.

We install extensions that do not damage the natural hair and they are also very durable over time. Their appearance is natural and they are very easy to install in any way you want! They can be removed just as easily and safely, without damaging your natural hair.

251: hair extensions

250: hair extensions

249: hair extensions

246: hair extensions

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244: hair extensions

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201: Βλεφαρίδες

200: Hair extensions

199: Κροσετ μαλλιά

192: Κροσετ μαλλιά πριν και μετά

191: Κροσετ μαλλιά

188: Hair extensions με 100% φυσική τρίχα

187: Εχτενσιον μαλλιά

186: Κροσετ μαλλιά

185: Τρέσα μαλλιά


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