Wigs - Hairdressing, Natural Hair Extension, Knitting - Braiding, Synthetic Wool Extension, Ring Series Extension, Straightening Creams

At Blessing Hair Salon every occasion is a challenge for us. We keep up to date with developments in the field of extensions and strive to do everything you can imagine. Our prices are very low, so our services are very accessible to everyone!

Below you will find our range of services. Kindly visit our eShop section for pricing.

Wigs - Hairpieces

  • with natural and synthetic hair

Extensions with natural hair

  • with natural hair
  • with keratine
  • with clips
  • with weave on

Knitting - Braiding

  • Raster - Come roll (Sticky braids)
  • Brand

Extensions with synthetic wool

  • with natural hair
  • with keratine
  • with clips

Extensions with ring series

  • braid ring series of 1 meter

Straightening creams


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